Music Lessons

Group Piano

Group piano is a great option for the beginning piano student.  It allows students to learn the basics of music notation and keyboard geography in a fun group environment.   The interaction with other students helps to keep the student interested and motivated and also allows the teacher to review concepts through fun games and group activities rather than flashcards. 

Another advantage of group lessons is the focus on playing in an ensemble.  Ensemble playing helps student learn to maintain a consistent rhythm when playing.   Maintaining a steady rhythm is frequently a problem area for beginning students.

We use the Mayron Cole group piano method in our group classes.   Written by a piano instructor with 45 years of teaching experience, The Mayron Cole Piano Method emphasizes staff-note reading, rhythm counting, music theory, and sight-reading to teach beginners through advanced pianists how to read music, become independent musicians, and accompany other musicians.  

Because young students can quickly become bored with private lessons, we believe group lessons, with their enjoyable social aspect, are the best choice for beginning students ages 6-9. 

Group piano classes meet once weekly for 45 minutes.