Music Lessons

Piano Overview

Piano is the perfect beginning instrument. The fundamental concepts learned in piano can be used with all other instruments studied.  The logical layout of the keys from low to high makes finding note easier for young students.

We offer both group and private piano classes, as well as a special general music / piano class for young students called "Kindergarten Keys."   

If your child is Kindergarten age or younger, please read about our Kindergarten Keys program.  We require Kindergarten age students to complete at least one year of this program before moving on to private lessons.  

In general, we recommend that beginning students ages 6-9 consider a semester of group piano before moving into private lessons, but private lessons are available for students in first grade and up.

FIRST GRADE:  We recommend Kindergarten Keys for younger  or more active first graders (6 yr old) and Group Piano for older first graders (7 yr olds.) 

SECOND GRADE AND UP:  Group piano is a great choice for children ages 7-10, and private lessons are also available.   We would recommend private piano for older beginners age 10 - adult.