Music Lessons

Violin Lessons

We are pleased to have two talented violin instructors on staff,  Ms. Amy Price and Mr. Donald Hite.  Both teachers are certified in the Suzuki method and teach traditional methods as well.

Violin instruction can move very slowly at the beginning, as students will spend several lessons simply learning to hold the violin and bow properly.    This can be tedious for very young children, which is why we generally recommend students be first grade or older before beginning violin instruction.

We can do Suzuki violin with students as young as 4.5.  However, a great deal of parental involvement is required for these young students.  Parents are expected to attend all lessons with the student.   Another option can be for Kindergarten age students to enroll in one year of our Kindermusik/Kindergarten Keys class. The concepts learned in the class (note reading,  rhythms,  etc) are all important concepts for any instrument, and the child can move into private lessons with greater success when they are a little older and more mature.  

Additional group classes may be scheduled for Suzuki students to work on ensemble playing.